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 ARTICLE I - Rules

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PostSubject: ARTICLE I - Rules   Tue Apr 08, 2008 6:44 pm

In this tribe if you break a rule you get a black mark, you get more black marks for breaking certain rules. Black marks go on your permanent record. if you get 10 black marks you will get dismissed from this tribe. If you have 5 black marks you will lose any position you hold. You can get black marks removed if you obey the rules and act respectfully to others. Good deeds also can get black marks removed. But even though a black mark is removed there will still be a note in your permanent record that you broke this rule. If you want to know how many black marks you have just mail me a letter asking. I will respond my mailing you back a letter stating how many black marks you have and what for. Rules with two stars in front of them are rules where you get a warning note. If you break the rule, the first time you get off the hook and get no black marks but a warning. if you do it again you will get black marks.

However you do not need to worry about black marks if you are a good person so do not sweat over it.

  • RULE I-NO OFFENSIVE LANGUAGE:{1 Black Mark}no one shall say any swears in the forums or use any language inappropriate for youth chatter, or use threats.

  • RULE II-NO DOCUMENT THREAD POST:{**1 Black Mark}No one shall make any threads in any forums that have three dashes in front and in back(---Document...---).

  • RULE III:NO EXCEEDING POSITION RIGHTS:{**5 Black Marks} Anyone with a position shall not exceed what they are allowed to do according to the Article II of the Document of Government.
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