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 ARTICLE II - Positions

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PostSubject: ARTICLE II - Positions   Tue Apr 08, 2008 6:41 pm


The one and only leader of the tribe, the name of the position spells it out. The leader of the tribe overlooks everything. *However the leader cannot interrupt other peoples positions unless in dire emergency or absence. The Leader dose however have the ability to ask the other position holders to do certain tasks. he also acts as the tribal diplomat with the ability to make alliances **However the leader of the tribe has to win an election to be given this. any member of this tribe that has previously held a position or is dedicated to our tribe can be in the election. He is also in charge of creating and maintaining a tribal military.

Position Holder:Gargosa

*for now i will be able to "interrupt" the other peoples positions until the first election just so I can get our tribe situated.
**we will have an election for a new leader once we have enough positions filled to run the tribe.


The Senior Leader is the second leader of the tribe. He has as much power as the leader dose. However the Senior Leader position can only be given to a previous leader of the tribe.

Position Holder: N/A

this position can only be granted after the first re-leader election


This is pretty much a over looker of the tribe. He helps the tribe when needed and helps make sure everything is run properly. He also takes the place of any persons job when the person is absent for any reason. he also acts as a moderator for the forums and can do certain tasks that are asked of him by the leader or senior leader in betterment of the tribe.

Position Holder: Lothar Grimrock


The Record Keeper is a very important position, the Record Keeper is in charge of the Permanent records, he makes new ones when new members join, he is the one you mail if you want to know what is on your record, he makes sure the records stay up to date and honest, he also is also, like the 2nd hand man, acts like a forum moderator and is allowed to add black marks to the records. if there is no record keeper this duty is handed to the leader/senior leader.

Position Holder: Silverquest


This position recruits new members and is in charge of all the recruiters. *He also changes the welcome message and has a special part of the Private Announcements. If you want to be a recruiter give a letter to the Tribal Recruiter Head. You can be both a recruiter and any other positions. The Tribal Recruiter Head is the only one who can withdraw Invitations. If you are the Recruiter Head and you get a job request you are asked to tell the leader. If both agree you would get the job.

*Optional, if the recruiter head is not changing these the job will go to the leader/Senior leader

Tribal Recruiter Head:GregSLO
Recruiter: Lothar Grimrock
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ARTICLE II - Positions
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