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PostSubject: ARTICLE III - Titles   Tue Apr 08, 2008 6:28 pm

A title is the "position" given to you when you do not have a position. the titles help show how dedicated to the tribe you are without the need of a position your title is noted in you permanent record so once you leave a position you have a title.


    The new member title is the very first title you get, it shows that you have just joined the tribe and you have truthfully yet to start with the tribe. this title is short lived and as soon as you try to help the tribe along you will reach the next title.


    The member title is the second title and is easy to reach. it shows that you are involved with the tribe. all you have to do to get this title is when you try to get involved in the tribe, ether by wanting a position or just talking in the forums.


    A loyal member is a member of the tribe that dedicates himself to the tribe, you cannot run for leader without a position unless you have this title. You can only get this title if you previously, or currently have, any position. That or add to the forums almost every day and show a lot of dedication to the tribe.


    A title given to a previous Leader

Maybe we can add a few titles that are given at certain levels. It might encourage people to develop their villages and make the tribe stronger.

I looked up some titles. These are what I found in order of significance: King=leader (Rex is King in Latin, I really liked that one, but I digress), Archduke, Grand Duke, Count-Palatine, Duke, Marquis, Count or Earl, Viscount, Baron and Knight.

We don't have to use all of them, but maybe choose our favorites and assign a point level for each one. The only exception of course would be the "Leader," who would receive the title upon election. For instance, 200=Knight, 400=Baron, 600=Earl, etc... I would love some input on this.

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