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A Tribal Wars tribe
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 ARTICLE IV - Running of Government

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PostSubject: ARTICLE IV - Running of Government   Tue Apr 08, 2008 6:24 pm

This section of the document state how the tribe will be run and how it will work. goes from the permanent records to how to elect a new leader.


    In this tribe each person in the tribe or has once joined the tribe has a Permanent record. the permanent record has on the positions you once have, any rules you have broken, your black marks, and some notes about each person. if you leave the tribe your permanent record still stays just in case you rejoin the tribe. only certain people can even see the permanent records. If you want to know anything on your record just ask me.

    if you have any questions about the permanent record system just ask me Gargosa


    In order to change the document of government a person must say what they want to change or add to the document then they must get 3/4 of all recently active members of the tribe to agree. To agree quote the post saying what you want to change then type I agree in your post. Unless these requirements are met no one is allowed to change the document of government under Rule III.

    *Because I am in the middle of constructing the document this rule will not apply until the document is complete enough to be able to run the tribe. Until completed put suggestions for changing the document in the Government Forum


    Tribal war is when our entire tribe gose and battles another tribe for specific reasons. Tribal war can only be declared by the leader or senior leader only when certain requirements are met. if the leader declares war and the requirements are not met it will be breaking rule III. war can only be declared in defence of our tribe or allied tribes, war cannot be declared for conquest. If this requrement is met the senior leader or leader can have a war vote, a war vote is when every member of the tribe votes to go to war or not to go to war. if 3/4 vote yes then war may be declared.
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ARTICLE IV - Running of Government
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