The United Villages Reborn

A Tribal Wars tribe
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 A introduction to UVR

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PostSubject: A introduction to UVR   Thu May 29, 2008 11:59 am

Welcome to the United Villages Reborn.

All players are welcome to join our tribe, from beginners to experts, our only request is that you're an active player in-game as well as on our forum!

UVR is a democracy, which was founded by Lothar Grimrock and that democracy sets us apart from many of the other tribes..

This government is a living breathing entity that will evolve and change as our needs change.

Join us and feel free to voice your opinions on any issues, so you can help shape this tribe into a group we can all be proud of...

If you want to join ask cjlegg our Head Recruiter or King Kindred our Assistant Recruiter and they will be happy to sign you up!

If you are interested in an alliance or NAP please contact our diplomat AdmiralMonkey.
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A introduction to UVR
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